5 Tips to Become More Decisive Today

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Personal Development One Step Closer Blog Become More Decisive By Sheena Hakimian


Decisiveness is one of the most valuable traits in a person. It's the ability to make clear, timely decisions that drive results.

Want to build confidence? Become more decisive.

Want to be a leader people want to follow (at work, in the home, with friends)? Become more decisive.

Want to be more efficient? Become more decisive.

Here are 5 tips to strengthen your decisiveness skills (and make decisions quicker):


Tip 1: Practice making decisions quicker

Start small—like choosing your outfit for tomorrow.

Practicing on the smaller decisions will get you more comfortable with tackling the bigger ones.


Tip 2: Narrow down your options

We often run through so many scenarios, but let’s be real—some options make no sense.

Get used to getting rid of the options that are irrelevant. This helps narrow down your choices.


Tip 3: Accept uncertainty!

We all make mistakes—it's part of growing.

Don’t let fear of uncertainty (“Will this work? How will this play out?”) stop you from making decisions that push you forward.

Go for it. Take risks.


Tip 4: Trust your gut

My ability to make quick decisions soared after I started paying attention to my intuition. I noticed that my intuition often led me in the right direction.

A great way to grow your intuition? Meditation! Start with just 5 minutes a day. This practice changed my life.


Tip 5: Set a time limit on your decisions

They can vary by decision type (eg. your outfit for tomorrow is way less effort than, say, if you are going to leave your job of 20 years). 

Assess and create a deadline for when the specific decision needs to be made. This will set a fire under your butt. 


The next time you are facing a decision, ask yourself: What is the best possible outcome, and what steps can I take to achieve it?

This question helps you focus on your desired result and the actions needed to reach it. It will guide you toward a clear and effective decision.


 This week, think about how you can start implementing these tips. Will you:

  • Be decisive about one small decision (e.g., your outfit for the day, where you'll get lunch, or whether you'll stay in)?
  • Set a deadline for a big decision you’re thinking through. Can you remove some irrelevant options?
  • Commit to meditating for at least 5 minutes every morning (and sharpen your intuition).


Becoming more decisive requires effort. It doesn't happen overnight.

These 5 tips will help you get there.

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