How to Master a Skill of Value at Work

careerdevelopment one step closer personal branding May 31, 2024
Career Development One Step Closer Blog Master a Skill of Value By Sheena Hakimian


How can I stand out at work?

It is something we all think about.

↳ How to be seen.

↳ How to get noticed.

↳ How to make a good impression.

I can't begin to tell you how much I've reflected on this question.

After many years of working at Condé Nast, I finally cracked the code.

There is ONE thing that a person could do to really get noticed. One practice that can actually get you to the next level.

That one thing? Find a skill of value that you value - and go all in. 


What are some functional skills you are interested in growing? Ideally, these should be skills that you are excited about and that are relevant to your role.

Write down up to five. Make sure they are not too broad. 

Even better if they are skills that may be lacking on your team but are crucial for overall success.

Some examples are: leadership, public speaking, data analysis, SEO optimization, storytelling.


Follow these 3 steps to start actioning on your skill of value that you value.

Step 1: Choose your skill of value that you value

Pick one skill to focus on. (This doesn't mean you won't grow other skills, but this is the one you'll commit to take action on, become an expert in, talk about, and make part of your personal brand).

Step 2: Learn, implement, learn, implement, learn, implement

Learn all about this skill, then implement what you learn. Learning is great, but it’s nothing without action. 

Let me use myself as an example. The skill I am focusing on this year is leadership:

  • I listen to podcasts on leadership every day during my commute (like 'On Purpose with Jay Shetty').
  • I follow leadership experts on LinkedIn (like Colby Kultgen and Jade Bonacolta)
  • I implement what I learn with my team. If something doesn’t resonate, I pivot and try a different approach.
  • I told my manager that I want to grow my leadership skills. She holds me accountable, and I make an effort to discuss my progress in our 1-on-1 meetings.

Step 3: Display your skill of value that you value

To stand out, you need to display your skill!

  • Talk about it.
  • Volunteer to lead projects that will showcase your skill.
  • Share your skill with your team members. Can you present it in a team meeting? Can you hold an educational series for your department? Pay it forward!

For example, to showcase my leadership skills, I asked my manager and the Human Resources team if I could hold a session on leadership and confidence-building for my department. They said yes, and it was a huge success. Not only did I get to share my learnings with my team, but I also had the opportunity to stand out.

You can too.

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