How to Build Resilience to Rejection

careerdevelopment one step closer personal development Jun 14, 2024
Personal Development One Step Closer Blog Resilient to Rejection By Sheena Hakimian


Early in my career, I did anything I could to avoid getting rejected.


Rejected from:

↳ A promotion

↳ A high visibility project

↳ A networking relationship


The fear stopped me from stepping out of my comfort zone. From trying new things.


Then something switched in my mind.


The more I heard "no" the more empowered I felt to get a "yes." 

The more I went out of my comfort zone, the more confident I became.


This reframe turned me into someone who, dare I say, is fueled by rejection.

Why? Because rejection means that you putting yourself out there. That you are growing. 

And if you keep going, keep learning, keep pivoting... you will get to something better.


Think of a time you faced a significant setback. How did this setback create new opportunities for you? What did you learn about yourself, your goals, and your relationships during that time?


Follow these 4 steps the next time you experience rejection:

Step 1: Reflect on what happened

Sometimes it has nothing to with us and other times we could learn something. Take note of which of these happened.

Step 2: Feel your feelings

Rejection feels horrible! You are not alone. Take the appropriate time to feel. After a big setback, I like to have a night in and journal.

Step 3: Decide on your plan of action

Do you need to change course? Is there an action plan that you can come up with? More practice?

(Let's use 'not getting the promotion you wanted, when you wanted' as an example. Can you work with your manager to identify the specific skills and attributes you need to develop to get to that next level?)

Step 4: Take action

Start with just ONE small step from your plan! Taking action immediately makes you feel more accomplished and confident.

And if the rejection has nothing to do with you, take one step toward being kinder to yourself.


Remember, rejection is a part of life. If you're putting yourself out there, you'll face rejection. 

True growth comes when we build resilience to rejection and get back on our horse!

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